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Can a Humidifier Cause Mold in Carpets?

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Humidifier in home If you have been struggling with mold growth in your home, you need an expert to inspect for a reason for the mold growth.

While you’re trying to keep your house clean and comfortable, you might be unknowingly opening the doors for mold to creep in. 

Humidifiers can let mold thrive in your carpet, walls, and furniture. These tiny spores need a moist environment to survive inside the home, and your humidifier provides just that.

How a Humidifier Can Promote Mold Growth 

You must have noticed that the mold growth becomes evident when the weather gets humid, or it rains for a few days consecutively. Mold can be spotted on your carpets, walls, furniture, benches, and other surfaces.

Why is that? 

It’s because the mold can only survive at high humidity levels. Once your home or office is humid enough, the mold starts to grow. So, if your humidifier is raising the humidity level of your home or office above 55%, you shouldn’t be surprised to see mold growth as a recurring issue. 

No matter how many times you get the mold removed, these tiny pores eventually end up in your home and start growing again. As long as your humidifier keeps producing excessive moisture, the mold won’t stop. 

Besides this, there are other ways humidifiers could be causing mold growth. If you haven’t maintained and cleaned your humidifier as per the manual, it can become a happy home to mold and other harmful microbes. 

Proper Use of Humidifiers to Stop Mold From Growing

While humidifiers can cause mold in your home, they can be your best weapon against mold and other microbes if you use them the proper way. 

The following ways can help you use humidifiers safely and control mold growth:

Regular Cleaning and Proper Maintenance 

To ensure that you’re only benefiting from the humidifier and it isn’t contributing to mold growth, you need to keep it clean. A dirty humidifier may not be able to perform as it should. There could be a build-up of molds, germs, and bacteria inside the humidifier. So, keep your humidifier clean, sanitized, and maintained.

Monitor the Humidity Level

As discussed above, you need to keep the humidity level below 55 percent to ensure that the mold can’t survive inside your home. Keep it anywhere between 30 percent to 50 percent, and you’ll be safe from many harm-causing issues.

Hire SERVPRO Experts to Remove Mold From Your Home

If you have been struggling with mold growth in your home, you need an expert to inspect for a reason for the mold growth. At SERVPRO, we have appropriately trained experts equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help you get rid of mold. 

Call us at our SERVPRO of North Irving at (972) 986-7677 to book us for fast Dallas mold remediation.

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