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Dallas Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning Services

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

commercial air ducts Commercial HVAC cleaning services are available 24-hours a day. Call (972) 986-7677 for a free estimate.

Air duct and HVAC cleaning have recently become more popular as more families and businesses are taking a deeper look into the cleanliness of their properties.  Commercial air duct cleaning is a service our SERVPRO franchise has offered for many years, and we have the right tools, equipment, and technicians to get the job done properly. 

Is Commercial Duct Cleaning Needed in Dallas?

There are instances when air duct cleaning is optional and other times when it’s absolutely necessary. 

We recommend commercial air duct cleaning once every 2-3 years for offices without pets or other unusual airborne contaminants.  

Manufacturing facilities, especially those specializing in healthcare and medicine, should consider air duct cleaning as often as needed to keep indoor air quality safe.  Our healthcare manufacturing clients prefer their ducts to be cleaned at least every six months.  

When Air Duct Cleaning can be Optional

Property owners are the best judges for the frequency of their building’s air duct cleaning.  You know it’s likely time for cleaning if:

  • You see rings of dust accumulating on the vent or around the vent. 
  • Inhabitants start to experience higher levels of allergic reactions that are otherwise unexplained.  This may be a sign that allergens are stuck in the vents and are being distributed when the air conditioning is running. 

Many of our water damage restoration clients choose air duct cleaning as the last part of the restoration project.  This helps anything that became airborne during the project to be cleaned and helps refresh and clean their home. 

When air duct cleaning is meant to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness for a building, then it should be scheduled at a time when few or no people will be in the building. 

When Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Air duct cleaning stops being optional when in instances of fire restoration and mold remediation.  

  • Fire damage restoration requires air ducts and vents to be thoroughly checked.  Since air ducts tend to be cooler than the rest of a property, fire smoke gravitates towards them and tends to settle within the ducts.  We have seen devastating situations when a property has experienced a fire and was completely cleaned only to have the HVAC system turned back on and have more smoke and soot billow into the building from the air ducts!  Responsible and professional fire damage restoration companies will always check your air ducts during fire cleanup. 
  • Mold remediation is also another situation where air duct cleaning is mandatory.  To prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the property, the affected air ducts need to be thoroughly cleaned.  

Free Estimates for Industrial Duct Cleaning

We offer free estimates for commercial air duct cleaning in Dallas and surrounding communities.  While most estimates can be completed over the phone after just a few questions, some more complex projects may require an in-person inspection.  

Air duct cleaning can be scheduled as a one-time project or as part of a recurring maintenance plan. 

Call or contact us online anytime for your air duct and HVAC cleaning estimate.  

Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas

Commercial duct cleaning services in Dallas can be scheduled at a time most convenient for our clients.  This is usually after-hours or overnight in order to avoid business interruption.  

The air duct process includes:

  • Removing the air vent cover.  The cover is washed, cleaned, and sanitized. 
  • With the cover gone, we insert a hose into each air vent opening.  The hose travels into the air duct, and a rotating brush spins to knock down and grab the dust inside.  The hose is attached to a vacuum, which sucks in the dust and other contaminants into the air duct cleaning machine. 
  • After contaminants have been removed, we spray the air duct sealant.  The sealant helps prevent future dust buildup. 
  • Finally, the cleaned air vent is reattached. 

Commercial Vent Cleaning

Commercial vents are taken down, cleaned, and sanitized as part of our everyday air duct cleaning routine.  They can also be sprayed with a specialized sealant that helps prevent mold growth. 

We’re a Commercial Duct Cleaning Company in Dallas

We’re a SERVPRO in Dallas located just minutes west of downtown.  Our franchise has been operating in North Texas for over 30 years.  We’ve helped thousands of our neighbors in DFW, and we’re ready to help you, too. 

Call (972) 986-7677 anytime for a free air duct cleaning estimate.  We’re Here to Help. 

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