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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Process for Fire Restoration in Dallas

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

burnt biscuits on a sheet tray Call or contact us anytime for an estimate to restore your Dallas property after fire damage. Fire cleanup estimates are free.

Experiencing fire damage can be an overwhelming and emotional experience.  Even in cases of small fires that are contained quickly, the smoke produced can cause residual damage throughout an entire household.  In more serious and unfortunate cases, most or all of a property and its contents are damaged or destroyed.

Our SERVPRO franchise has restored thousands of properties in the 30+ years we’ve been servicing North Texas.  We are a full-service Dallas fire restoration company ready to handle your restoration’s every need from emergency board ups to reconstruction.

While every fire damage is different, you can generally expect the following when you hire us as your fire damage restoration company:

Emergency Board-Up and Roof Tarping

Did you know that some insurance companies deny at least part of a fire insurance claim if it finds that a property owner did not try to protect their property from secondary damage?  This can be avoided by hiring a contractor to do emergency board up and roof tarping.  

After fire damage, many properties experience damaged roofs, windows, doors, and even damaged outer walls.  This type of damage makes a building susceptible to secondary damage.  Weather can come in and cause water damage and mold.  Easy access also makes it easy for theft to occur.

For these reasons, we recommend emergency fire damage services as soon as the fire department has left.  We can:

  • Attach a weatherproof roof tarp.
  • Board up damaged doors, windows, and outer walls.
  • Send a security guard to protect your property 24 hours a day.

After your property is secure, we can inspect your property and begin fire damage cleanup and remediation services.

Water Damage Restoration in Dallas

Water damage and fire damage usually go hand in hand when larger fires occur.  This is because the fire department is called, and their services require the use of water to put out the fire.  When the fire is put out, properties have experienced the catastrophe of smoke and fire, and they are also flooded.  

In order to prevent secondary damage such as mold, our crews will extract all standing water.

Fire Damage Inspection

If you are filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, your insurance company will want an estimate to put your property back to a preloss state.  To provide them with this information, we will inspect your property and take into account the following:

  • The cost to clean salvageable clothing, textiles, and contents.
  • The cost to replace permanently damaged clothing and contents.
  • The cost to clean and deodorize all affected areas of the home including the air duct and HVAC system.
  • The cost to rebuild any portion of the home that was permanently damaged.
  • The cost of moving services and long-term storage, if needed.

Your insurance company may also provide you with a temporary living location while the fire cleanup company is working on your property. 

We’re a SERVPRO in Dallas

We are located in Dallas, Texas just minutes from downtown.  Call or contact us online anytime to get a fire damage restoration expert headed your way.  

Estimates for Dallas fire damage restoration are free. 

Textile Cleaning: How to Clean Clothes After a House Fire

We are one of the few companies that perform fire damage restoration in Dallas that is also certified to clean and restore smoke and fire damaged clothing.  

As a certified Esporta Wash System operator, our office has the ability to pick up clothing and other items at your property at the time of inspection and transport them back to our cleaning facility for immediate processing.  Cleaning smoke and soot affected textiles quickly increase the probability of them being able to be fully deodorized and sanitized.


When fire damage permanently damages a portion of a property, our team will demolish the areas that cannot be cleaned and restored.  Insurance companies know and understand this too well.  

If you have a fire in Dallas today, you have many disaster cleanup companies to choose from, and your insurance company or adjuster may advise you to choose a full-service fire, water damage restoration company.  The reason for this is because full-service fire clean up companies typically result in:

  • Faster service
  • Better quality
  • Lower claims cost
  • Less stress and higher customer satisfaction

The demolition process is an essential first step to the cleanup process.  If this is needed on your property, we will work with your insurance company to also get the repairs and reconstruction approved.  

As a full-service residential and commercial fire damage restoration company, we know how to navigate the insurance claims process, and we’ll help you get back to normal. 

Moving and Storage Services

To salvage contents inside a property, we will pack all salvageable items and transport them to our cleaning facilities.  Before moving any contents, our technicians will inventory all items that are identifiable.

At our facility, all items are restored and then packaged for long-term storage.  Items are returned at either a temporary residence or once the property has been rebuilt.  

Items that are not able to be restored are documented and inventoried for your insurance adjuster.  Our office will provide a replacement cost estimate for each item for your insurance adjuster’s consideration.  

In the case of a devastating fire, many items are burnt beyond recognition.  We will do our best to identify all items, but this is not always possible. In this case, our technicians will not be able to provide documentation for your insurance adjuster for replacement.  We understand the frustration and, at times, heartbreak this can cause.

We recommend having a digital home inventory to make sure your insurance adjuster knows what items were in your property and cannot be recuperated.  This is the only way to provide proof of your belongings in the case of a devastating fire. If a homeowner cannot provide proof of an item existing in their home, it will usually not be replaced by insurance.  

House Fire Clean Up

After demolition, our technicians will begin cleaning the entire structure.  The structure includes anything in the property that is physically attached, such as walls, floors, and cabinets.  There are different types of smoke and soot that all need unique cleaning techniques. Our team of technicians is trained to use the appropriate SERVPRO proprietary chemicals to clean all types of smoke and soot that are present.  

The first step to structural cleaning is to check the air ducts and HVAC system.  If soot has settled in the air ducts, it's important to remove it all before turning the air back on.  After the air duct system has been cleaned, then the rest of the property’s structure can be cleaned.

Removing all smoke particles is essential to deodorization.

Smoke Odor Deodorization

The most important part of deodorization is to clean the entire structure and all contents inside.  When odor-causing particles continue to linger, our team will place a series of HEPA vacuums on the property.  When necessary, we may also fog the property or temporarily install an ozone machine.

Cleaning Items

The contents in your home are everything we can physically take such as clothing, textiles, appliances, electronics, furniture, toys, beds, etcetera.

Clothing and textiles are cleaned using the Esporta Wash System.  All other contents are cleaned according to the type of smoke and soot they have been affected by.  

Just like textiles, time is of the essence when cleaning contents.  Since soot is acidic, the longer an item sits in it, the less of a chance it has of being cleaned and restored.  This is why our technicians will move contents of a property as quickly as possible.

Reconstruction or Rebuild

After your property has been cleaned and deodorized, our reconstruction team gets to work.  They will determine what is needed to restore your property back to preloss condition.  Then, they work with your insurance adjuster to get this portion of your fire damage claim approved.  

Our office is able to restore any part of a home or business, no matter the size.

Fire Insurance Claim Process

We’ll do the majority of the heavy lifting to make sure your Dallas fire damage insurance claim is processed.  When you experience fire damage, give your insurance company a call and receive a claim number. Tell them you have chosen SERVPRO of North Irving as your fire damage restoration company.  

By law, your insurance company must honor your choice of disaster restoration company, regardless of what they or an adjuster suggest.

Then, give us your claim number and our office will contact your insurance provider to begin the claims process.  Throughout the project, the documentation our technicians obtain will be forwarded to your adjuster. By the end, our invoice will be sent to your adjuster, and we will work with them to collect payment.  

Our office works with all insurance companies. 

Restoration After Fire Damage in Dallas, TX

We’re a SERVPRO in Dallas.  Our franchise is a 30+ year leader in the restoration industry.  We have the expertise to handle any size fire and smoke damage restoration in Dallas, Texas.  

Our fire restoration technicians are available to dispatch for 24-hour emergencies every day of the year.  Call us at (972) 986-7677 or contact us online anytime.  

We’re here to help. 

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